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Siena Yusi (she/her)

I am a stage manager, theatre maker, and arts educator invested in creating and supporting the creation of art that is imaginative and intentional


I am a person-first collaborator and value care, consistency, and communication above all else.


I believe in storytelling and in theatre's ability to bring people together, foster healing, and spark change. I believe that it is our job as artists and collaborators to activate our art form to do exactly that. 

Originally from Southern California, I first discovered the performing arts as a dancer before beginning acting training at The Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre Conservatory where I fell in love with theatre and storytelling. It was here that I first witnessed and felt the power of gathering in a theatrical space with the purpose of sharing stories.

I began working in regional theatre as a performer, but soon found that I had an affinity for stage management.

I then moved to New York City to attend New York University, Tisch School of the Arts where I continued to pursue experiences in a multitude of roles in the performing arts in order to cultivate a wholistic approach to any role I fulfill. Driven by my belief in purposeful and intentional art-making, I also pursued training in the fields of applied theatre, psychology, and education. I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Drama and minors in Applied Theatre, Social Work, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies, all of which continuously inform and guide my artistic endeavors. 

Today, you can most commonly find me passionately supporting the development of new works by emerging artists in NYC as a stage manager.

...or doing a puzzle. You can often find me doing a puzzle!

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