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Photo By Valerie Terranova. Siena is wearing all black, looking at the stage and smiling.

Photo by Valerie Terranova

As a stage manager, I am a communicator, connector, and caretaker. I am a reliable and flexible leader with a penchant for spreadsheets.  I am a multitasker, organizer, and problem-solver at my core. I am constantly wonderstruck by the ever changing nature of theater and I enjoy discovering and adjusting to the exact needs of each company and production.

As a collaborator, I value care, consistency, and communication above all else. I am practiced at remaining solution-oriented and positive in fast-paced and high stress situations. I am continually in awe of the magic that can be created in supported, process-oriented rooms. 


As an artist, I believe in storytelling. I believe in theatre's ability to bring individuals together, foster healing, and spark change. I believe in the importance of gathering in community. I hope that I will continue to work on pieces that are delightfully imaginative and deeply impactful  - and both at the same time.

As a human, I am kind and wholehearted. I hold myself to (sometimes incredibly) high standards and I rejoice in the experience of learning new things. 

Originally from Southern California, I first discovered live performance as a dancer before falling in love with theatre and storytelling as a student at The Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre Conservatory. It was through this program that I first witnessed the magic of live performance and felt the power of communal storytelling - and there was no turning back! 


I began working in regional theaters as a performer, but soon discovered a strong affinity for stage management. I attended New York University, Tisch School of the Arts where, in order to cultivate a holistic approach to my work I continued to pursue experiences in a multitude of theatrical roles.


Driven by my belief in purposeful and intentional art-making, I also pursued training in the fields of applied theatre, psychology, and education. I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Drama and minors in Applied Theatre, Social Work, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies, all of which continuously inform and guide my approach to stage management and art-making.

Siena at 2 years old is dancing around with Mickey ears, white gloves, tap shoes, and a diaper.
Siena is wearing all black, smiling at her phone, in the booth of a theater.

I have now had the opportunity to collaborate with institutions such as The Play Company, Waterwell, Clubbed Thumb, Noor Theater, Miranda Family Fund, KGM Theatrical, En Garde Arts, The Hearth, Mabou Mines, Abrons Arts Center, Ars Nova, The Brick, 59E59 Theaters, Parallel Exit, Brooklyn College, and Columbia University, among others.


It is my honor to continuously support the development of vibrant and impactful new works and live performances throughout NYC. 



When not at the rehearsal studio or theater, you can find me with my wonderful dog, Cali*, or zeroing in on the largest puzzle I can find!

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